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   Exciting News!
    The Healthy Bra Company has moved to Edmonds, Washington
    We are going into our 12th year of serving ladies the Pacific Northwest both in Canada and Washington State and have also begun 13th year of providing our “virtual fitting services” all across Canada and the USA.
    We have grown stronger and more stable through the years and have added to our services making it a more FULL SERVICE business. Not only do we have a Postural Therapist on staff but we have consigned the services of a professional Couturier, Luisa Morca (with 30 years experience) for sewing miracles and custom alterations.
    In addition, we have added another 700 size combinations (and some new styles) to our existing 1800 thus now offering approximately 2500 size combinations. We can also strengthen the cups to accommodate up to 25 pounds per breast. Our unaltered sizing ranges from 26-56 in band size and from Jr. (training bra) to N in cup sizes (yes I know, GOOD GOLLY). Our altered bras can be whatever size is needed and required but in-person alteration appointments are required.
  We will remain offering our services by appointment only in order to BEST serve your individual needs.
    So we have moved from the Bellingham Herald Building in Bellingham, WA to Edmonds, WA January 1st, 2013. Please call  or email us for details. Our US website, email and contact numbers will remain the same. 

    And lastly, in order to support healthy breast and postural awareness, we will be adding a “wholistic” lending library to stress the importance of the educational side of our business.
    We look forward to continuing to serve you, uplift you and “support you” in a healthy manner in the future.    

Contact Information

Maria Monti, Professional Postural Therapist and Custom Bra Technician screens and qualifies each customer to tailor her fitting experience with her bra support and function needs as well as to her health needs. She has personally trained all of her fitters and coaches them how to meet your needs. She will assign you a fitting opportunity and a fitter.

For more information and to book fitting appointments, please contact Maria Monti:

    Maria Monti, Postural Therapist
    The Healthy Bra Company
    The Mobile Therapy Clinic

USA 360-815-3205 office & cell (PST)


eMail abraforyou@aol.com




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