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Role of Postural Therapist in Custom Bra Fitting
What is a Postural Therapist's role in PROPER BRA SELECTION?
If there was ever a need for PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION in a BUYING EXPERIENCE for WOMEN, bra selection is it.
A Postural Therapist can offer you the truest, most personalized bra fitting experience & selection possible. How is this accomplished?
Bra Design
1. A Postural Therapist has the unique knowledge of a woman's anatomy to assist her in better understanding which bra "design"� will best suit her functional needs (ie: choices in selection of everyday utility bras, sports-use, nursing-function, mastectomy specialty needs, young women's training bras, postural support bras or many of the above in combination).
Health Issues considered in BRA SELECTION
2. A Postural Therapist can factor in certain "unique anatomical features" or "medical diagnoses" such as rounded or sloped shoulders, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Myofascial Pain Syndromes, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, back or neck pain, neurological symptoms in arms & hands etc.
3. A Postural Therapist can factor in certain "unique body symptoms/conditions" such as asthma, acid reflux, thoracic hernias, shoulder strap grooves, poor oxygenation, lymphatic congestion, toxic overload, poor circulation, fibrocystic breasts, lumps in breasts, breast cancer, post surgical issues etc.
4. A Postural Therapist has the functional experience of working with women's individual body postures (as most often presented) and how they affect the functional expectations of the bra.
5. A Postural Therapist has done market research as well as health-related research to assist in a more informed and conscious selection of a bra.
This Postural Therapist (Maria Monti) also has:

* additional knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine which can help identify certain body types or constitutions that have the tendency to retain water more readily than others which can affect the daily feel and fit of a woman's bra.

* bra-related knowledge of weight loss and weight gain circumstances and how they can be influenced by the fit and function of your bra for the positive or negative

* extensive knowledge of the importance of VERTICAL MOTION EXERCISE and other LYMPHATIC CLEANSING MODALITIES that affect the health of your breasts, the ability to flush toxins and to maintain or lose weight and their overall effect on the long term proper fit of your bra.



For more information and to book fitting appointments, please contact Maria Monti:

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